Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As I am sure all Mom's do, I feel this pressure to be supermom. We all know that woman, hair perfect all the time, so put together, so relaxed, kids so cutely dressed at all times, has the kids at the playground and when they go home, fresh cupcakes are waiting for them. After eating the cupcakes, they go play quietly in the other room while Mom makes a mouth watering dinner. Dad comes in, the kids run and hug him and they all sit down to a wonderful dinner, talking and laughing.......Right? Well, I hate to admit it but that is about as far from our life as you can get. Instead, I feel as if I constantly race this huge clock that ticks louder and louder the later it gets. At our house, Dad gets off first, goes and picks up the kids from school, brings them home, starts on homework and calls me. We figure out what we are going to make for dinner and he either cooks it or thaws out the meat for me to cook when I get home. We hurry through dinner, run up to take baths, read Kylie's books for school, fight them to get them both in bed at 8 and then collapse on the couch before we both start studying or doing whatever else we needed to get done that day before coming home to the whirlwind. Now, we even have a wrench thrown into our hectic routine and that is called Monday night dance class. So now, after dinner, we have to rush Kylie out the door to dance class and she doesn't even get home until almost 8 so we have just enough time to freshen her up and get her ready for bed. I am really glad that she is enjoying dance but I will admit, me and the other "dance" mom's don't have much in common (I know, go figure!). While, I do like my job and what I do, I really wish that I could leave at 4 instead of 5.......this would really make my nights easier, as I feel this pressure to cook and be home when my kids get home, somehow that is what I feel would make me supermom, though I know that is not true.

The crazy thing is Chad and I grew up in almost the scenario I opened with. We got home from school, did our homework and then went outside to the giant playground which was right across the street from our house. Dad got home at 5 everyday, and called us in for dinner. We ran in to dinner but unlike our taco's or spaghetti or crockpot, we had .......get this.....roast beef, real mashed potatoes, real gravy.....on a weekday!! That's weekend food at my house now! The other amazing thing is I don't remember nights going so fast. They seemed like we had so much time and it was so stress free. OK, so maybe a kid's perspective is entirely different and if it is, I would love to hear from either one of my parents ;).

I have talked to work about leaving at 4 but I don't think this will be able to happen. I am not going to push it too much as there are layoffs happening and I need my job if we want to be able to even enjoy taco's and spaghetti...LOL. BUT, the good news is, there are still small moments in our hectic evenings that I do feel like supermom. All it takes is an unexpected hug or kiss from one of the girls and occasionally, Kylie will say, You're the best mom ever.....and though I know I am the only one she knows....who am I to argue with that!!


  1. Parenting is a constant balancing act of decisions. Do you stay in this job that allows you a stable family presence or go to another that would pay more and provide more family presents. Your mother and I struggled with this and many others, just as you and Chip have not knowing if the right choices were made. Judging from your and Chad's memories and your excellent parenting abilities we can look back and say we made the right choices. It also helps that a childs memory isn't very accurate as the playground wasn't very giant and fit smurf village to a tee.

  2. Thanks! Being grown up is so much more difficult, I don't know why I was in such a hurry to get there :)

  3. Funny thing is, when I was a kid I would've killed for tacos instead of the roast beef and mashed potatoes