Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a crazy weekend!!

As this past weekend was approaching, I had high hopes, the Ravens were playing and it was a three day weekend. Doesn't get any better than that, right? Wrong!! Saturday morning, Chip took my car to get new tires and get the "check engine" light checked out and of course it can't be a simple switch, it has to come out with all of this work needing to be done and none of it is cheap. To make it worse, it has to be done right now because down here in NC, you have to get your car inspected every year!! And if that isn't crazy enough, it has to pass inspection before they will give you your new tag. Now, I can understand emissions test because if your car is putting pollutants in the air, you are potentially effecting everyone around you, but why an inspection? If my rack and pinion is bad, how does that affect anyone else, why should they care?? OK, enough of that. So that was bad news number 1.

We did have a great break that day though! We went to a neighbors for dinner and had a great time, the kids got to play, I got to talk crafty stuff and have adult talk, it was wonderful.

Now onto bad news #2, the Ravens didn't even bother to show up for the game!! They not only lost, they were embarassed! I mean Ray Ray can only do so much and then offense needs to help out a little!!

Sunday, we spent the day running around. Kylie went to the movies with her grandmother and Kiersten and Chip and I took G-ma to lunch and then did some shopping (nothing exciting, just diapers and the usual...). I actually have no complaints about Sunday at all. Went to bed so happy I had a whole other day to spend!!

Monday, woke up and started cleaning when I heard loud banging going on. Being a mom, I jump to the conclusion that the kids are doing something wrong, so I run out of the bathroom I was cleaning, and there are two kids sitting on the playroom floor playing tea party like perfect angels. Relieved, but then confused, I go to the top of the stairs and to my horror I see Jake slamming into the wall. I run down and his eyes are in the back of his head and he is just sausage rolling all over the place and his poor head would hit the wall. I yelled for Chip and we kept his head from hitting and waited till the seizing stopped. When it finally stopped, Jake tried to stand up, but walked completely sideways. Chip took him outside for a little bit and when he came back in, he went to lay down, only to start again but this time it was even worse. He actually bit his tongue so not only was he flailing around but blood was flying everywhere. It was absolutely awful, I have never felt so helpless. After about two hours at the vet, he was released and we have no idea why or what caused it, only several speculations. Kylie was so upset as she thought Jake would never come home (I had a bad feeling myself). Just to show how a 6 year old mind works, through tear stained eyes, she asked..."sniff.....Mommy, if Jake doesn't come home, I am going to be really sad, but I am sure I could feel better with two kitty cats".. I had to laugh at her thought process but am so glad my boy is home and doing well today!!

I know the day will come when he will have to leave us, but I am not ready for that! He has been there through so much and is such a part of the family. Everyone can learn something from their dogs! Take life easy, appreciate the small things like the sun shining through the window, a breeze through a window and rolling in the grass. And most importantly a treat is a "treat" no matter how big or small!!

As usual when it rains, it pours, but I feel lucky nonetheless!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bittersweet Back to School!!!

Well, this was our first week back in our normal routine and I have not been able to eat breakfast yet!! Here is the normal routine, Chip gets up, takes shower, wakes me up and then goes to wake up the girls, I take a shower and then we all eat breakfast together and then I get Kiersten dressed and her and Chip go on their merry way. Kylie goes upstairs and brushes her teeth and then watches "Imagination Movers" while I finish getting ready. We come down, pack up and go. Sounds great, right!

Here is how it has gone this week. Chip gets up, takes shower, wakes me up which also wakes up Kiersten since she is right in the middle of us with a mound of stuffed animals and blankets that she brought in with her about midnight. She whines she does not want to go downstairs so we put the TV on for her and she watches that in our room while I take my shower. Meanwhile in Kylie's room, a storm is brewing because a grouchy child is dragging her feet and not wanting to wear anything in her closet and an impatient Dad is standing over her watching the time tick away. I get out of the shower, try to get Kiersten downstairs which is easier said than done. If you've ever seen the cartoons where the cat latches onto the end of the bucket because he doesn't want to get dipped in the water, that is me trying to pry her off the recliner and drag her downstairs kicking and screaming. By the time this has happened, I have no time to eat. Then Chip has to come and help me hold her down as she screams and kicks...NO NO!! We finally get her dressed and she is carried to the foyer to get her coat on. Apparently this foyer possesses magical powers, because the minute her feet hit it, her crying stops, a smile appears and she runs over tackles me with a hug and says Bye, like nothing ever happened!!
So now, I am confused, exhausted and hungry but no time for me to eat, so I have to run up get ready and then fight with Kylie over how she is going to wear her hair.....man, she is such a girl!

I am anxious to get back to "normal" whatever that means!! Next year, we are waking those girls up every day at normal time........okay probably not but it is a good thought for now!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Girl Talk

New Years Eve morning Kylie and I woke up and were laying in my bed just talking and relaxing. It was great, we had a day of cleaning ahead of us but for the time being, we were perfectly content to just lay there. I said, hey let's have some girl talk, she smiled real big.....OK! So we talked about our trip to Maryland, christmas and everything else that had taken place over the past two weeks, highlighting our favorite parts. Then, there was a moment of silence........Ummmm, Mom, I thought you said we were going to have girl talk, that wasn't girl talk... I paused....and got a little nervous to hear the answer to my next question.....gulp, Well what is girl talk then. Well, she replied, that is when you talk about butterflies and flowers and stuff. Shew!!! I breathed a sigh of relief. I know that girl talk will not mean that forever, but I am so glad that is what it is now. I am not ready for real girl talk!!

We did manage to get the house cleaned and had a great time with Chip's family playing games. Kylie even made it to midnight. Kiersten, despite a great effort, gave up and fell asleep on the couch about 11pm. You would think, wow, that is late for her, she probably really slept in then. That is what we thought too, but WRONG!! 6am, and she was up and ready to go........Chip and I, not so much. I let Chip sleep about another 2 hours and then I woke him up and begged for another 1 1/2 myself. It is amazing how you can go to sleep feeling so good and wake up feeling so bad.... ;).

We look forward to 2010 and all that it holds for us and our families and friends. Here is to the journey ahead of us and the many stops along the way!