Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Settling in!

Well we made it to Maryland! It took a lot of creativity to get all of our millions of things into this new place but luckily that is just my area of expertise! :). I do miss a yard, I miss grilling out and watching the kids play, but overall we are adjusting well and keeping very busy!

My oldest baby turned 7 this weekend and is getting ready to start second grade! As cliche as it sounds, it truly does feel like yesterday I was in the hospital waiting for her to get here! Both girls are adjusting really well to being here and Kiersten likes to tell everyone that she doesn't go to school anymore :) I will definitely have to keep her learning though because I will say that her school there was doing a great job!

I do miss the farm girls and think about them just about every friday...hee hee! But I definitely plan on coming to the southern xmas show which I know will be here before we know it!

I finally got word back and am going to be teaching a class at the college which I am really excited about....I am hoping that with finishing my own masters this semester and teaching two days a week, that will be the perfect balance as I adjust to staying at home during the day which I must admit is quite a change since in NC, I sometimes felt like my job was my life. I even get to spend two days a week with "D"! That is really fun because I get to love him and hug him and then his parents get to deal with all the fun nighttime stuff. I will admit sometimes handling all three in public places gets a little tricky especially when D wants to be held but all that is is extra birth control :).

I apologize that it has taken me so long to update this and will work hard to keep it more current!