Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I know, it's about time.....

So much happens when you have two kids, especially two active and semi-dramatic girls, that I thought it was about time I start a blog so that our families and friends can enjoy my chaos and I don't leave people out of my ever so exciting stories! At least they are exciting to me, and that is what really counts, right?

We had a wonderful christmas this year!! We got to go to Maryland to spend time with all of them right before christmas and of course frolic in the mere 2 FEET of snow! Now, had it done that down here, we would still be stuck in our house with no power probably but there, the next day we were bundled up at the Ravens's stadium where we had a blast with Chad and Holly!! We headed back to the south on Tuesday evening and had our best friends who abandoned us for even further south to the sunny state of Florida (we miss them very much but are really happy that they have found somewhere that they love!) come visit us all day Wednesday. Of course, as always we had a great time!

Christmas Eve was chaotic and crazy as present after present piled around us like we were trying to build a fort, you couldn't even see over it at one point. I still have no idea where everything is going to go, I just know it needs to get somewhere soon because I am itching to get the house back in order. For those of you that know me, you know that I can be pretty laid back to a point and then something in me just needs it done NOW!! Christmas day was spent just hanging out in the PJ's which may sound boring but it was a much needed break and we got to spend lots of quality time listening to the girls fight all day ;).

My mom came down to spend the night and watch the girls so we could go back to work (always the worst part of the holidays). She left yesterday and the girls of course miss her. They have now started calling our office/guest room "Na-ma's room". Yesterday I had one of those , wow I am such a parent moments.....My cell phone rings while I am at work, so I answer it and on the other end, I hear Kiersten...."Hi, Mommy........I went poo poo in the potty!", Years ago, had you told me that i would be excited to hear my child announced her bowel movements, I would not have believed you, but let me tell you all day that was some big news right there!!