Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bittersweet Back to School!!!

Well, this was our first week back in our normal routine and I have not been able to eat breakfast yet!! Here is the normal routine, Chip gets up, takes shower, wakes me up and then goes to wake up the girls, I take a shower and then we all eat breakfast together and then I get Kiersten dressed and her and Chip go on their merry way. Kylie goes upstairs and brushes her teeth and then watches "Imagination Movers" while I finish getting ready. We come down, pack up and go. Sounds great, right!

Here is how it has gone this week. Chip gets up, takes shower, wakes me up which also wakes up Kiersten since she is right in the middle of us with a mound of stuffed animals and blankets that she brought in with her about midnight. She whines she does not want to go downstairs so we put the TV on for her and she watches that in our room while I take my shower. Meanwhile in Kylie's room, a storm is brewing because a grouchy child is dragging her feet and not wanting to wear anything in her closet and an impatient Dad is standing over her watching the time tick away. I get out of the shower, try to get Kiersten downstairs which is easier said than done. If you've ever seen the cartoons where the cat latches onto the end of the bucket because he doesn't want to get dipped in the water, that is me trying to pry her off the recliner and drag her downstairs kicking and screaming. By the time this has happened, I have no time to eat. Then Chip has to come and help me hold her down as she screams and kicks...NO NO!! We finally get her dressed and she is carried to the foyer to get her coat on. Apparently this foyer possesses magical powers, because the minute her feet hit it, her crying stops, a smile appears and she runs over tackles me with a hug and says Bye, like nothing ever happened!!
So now, I am confused, exhausted and hungry but no time for me to eat, so I have to run up get ready and then fight with Kylie over how she is going to wear her, she is such a girl!

I am anxious to get back to "normal" whatever that means!! Next year, we are waking those girls up every day at normal time........okay probably not but it is a good thought for now!

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