Monday, December 23, 2013

Long time, no type

The other day I started thinking about this blog that I had started to keep everyone up to date and as with many things like this in my life, I haven't kept up with it........if it requires writing frequently or taking pictures and chronicling them, I am no good!  Case in point:  I started typing this and immediately Kierstens "mommy's busy, I should ask her for something" sensors kicked in and I had to stop and go reach something for her. 

So, I am going to try to be better this year, but I make no promises!!  I just got a new job (a promotion of sorts), I am now the Operations Supervisor for the Rockburn Branch Zone of Howard County Recreation and Parks.  I am super excited because it is back in the actual Parks which is what I loved down in NC :-).  I will work 4- 10 hour shifts (tues-fri) so I will have every Monday off which I like....the 10 hour days will be an adjustment but nothing too major! 

Kylie is in the 5th grade and she plays the flute, sings in chorus and is on the dance team there......I can't say that she got any of that from me, but she really enjoys it and I am proud of her.  Kiersten is in 1st grade and LOVES to draw, we are looking into putting her in an art class.  I think it is pretty safe to say that neither of my kids are going to follow my basketball and track path, but that is OK...I can always start working on Dylan and Mo.  Speaking of them, Dylan is going to be starting kindergarten in the fall which is insane and Mo will be 2 in March......time really does fly when you are having fun and busy! 

The holidays are here and Christmas is literally two days away and I have a ton to do since I am hosting Christmas dinner for the first time ever (YIKES!!).  It sounded like a really good idea but now I am not as sure.  First thing is I have a tiny oven so hopefully I can get everyhing cooked in time.  Second is we will have to utilize the basement for eating so it will be different than everyone is used to which change isn't necessarily bad, just different.  At the end of the day, I do have wine so it can't be that!  I think it will be nice, a little hectic but nice nonetheless.  I will (try to) let you know how it went.  This holiday is definitely different than last year........last year, I had a ton of time and me and the girls made all kinds of crafts and I made all kinds of candy and cookies.......this year, I didn't have time to make a single thing and cookies have not happened yet (I am hoping to get those done today and tomorrow).  So, wish me luck!!  :-)  I hope all of you have a great holiday and wish you all much love and happiness in 2014!!

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