Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I know it has been a while since I have last posted....honestly I haven't had much to post about, but anyway, I feel like I have neglected this so here we go! As you all know, we moved to Maryland back in late July. The pros of this move was I got to move close to my family and Chip has a job that he loves and is a really big step for him. The cons of this move are we left a fantastic neighborhood and lots of great friends. Now, many would say, it is just a neighborhood, big deal! But it was not just a was a place that we had many friends and many memories. We ended each week as a group relaxing, we called this fun friday, all the kids and adults got to unwind. I had a group of girls that were there whenever you needed them, whether it was to talk, watch movies, go eat or craft, they were always there. So, when this opportunity came to us, we discussed it and figured that long term this was definitely a good move. I, in no way doubt that, but lately I am struggling with a couple of things. First, I hate the house we live in and the is very hard to go from one extreme to the other and I definitely have done that. I am however, very thankful that I have met a friend in this neighborhood and her and I work out everyday together. Second, I am realizing I really would like a job. Yes, I teach at the community college two days a week and I really enjoy it, but I long for more. I want the money, freedom, independence and comraderie this will bring. I have to be patient though since the economy is not going so well and everyone needs a job, but those that know me also know that patience is definitely not my strong point.

Kiersten is adjusting very well! Kylie, however, is doing good but not great. She is doing fantastic in school!! She misses her room and a yard to run around in. The yard is one thing I believe the whole family is having a hard time with. We usually spent our time after school and work outside grilling and letting the kids play, here we have had to sell our grill because they are not allowed and there is no yard.

I do know that once everything falls completely into place, this will be great for our family! I am glad to be a part of Dylan's life as well as everyone elses that lives here. I also know, the best things come to those who wait......if only I was better at waiting ;)

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