Monday, April 12, 2010

Sometimes you need to stop and ask yourself.....

What am I thinking!! That thought has crossed my mind more than once between all the uncertainty at work and trying to finish all my projects for school while also trying to spend some quality time with the family. It gets harder and harder to make myself sit at a computer at home when I feel like I do that all day at work, and it is so nice outside, who wants to be stuck inside!! I do know it will all be worth it and I am getting really darn close to finishing! So, I am done whining and will suck it up!

Enough about me though! Kylie is a little dancing queen, she is taking tap, ballet and jazz and loves it! She will have her recital soon and I will admit I am scared that she will back out and not want to go on stage come showtime. Let me tell you how mad I will be if that happens, after shelling out all the money for her to do it. She promises me that she is going to so here is her chance to prove it. She is really doing good in school also, it is amazing how much difference there is from even the beginning of the school year to now! She is full of deep questions still, just this morning, she asked me what cancer was. If only, I could teach her to be more grateful, we'd be set, she tends to want more, more, more ....... a good friend and wise mom told me that she is too young to really understand this concept I will give her the benefit of the doubt and keep doing what I can. I got so upset with her this weekend, I started reading her this book that I am reading about a girl who grew up poorer than her eyes glazed over and she put up with me reading out loud, Chip secretly was making fun of me. So maybe that wasn't the answer, but it was worth a try!

Kiersten, is talking more and more and every once in a while, she points something out that amazes you. For example, last night I was playing mah jong on the computer and she correctly pointed out two tiles that matched and were open that I didn't catch......hmmmm, coincidence?? maybe, maybe not, but I wouldn't argue if I have the next doogie johannes.....LOL!! OK, so maybe that is a stretch but I think my kids are brilliant either way!

Sherry and Lawrence have moved into our neighborhood and that has been really fun, we get together on friday nights for happy hour. It is a good way to end a long week!! Plus I get to play with Baby Ben and then give him back to Mom and Dad when he gets fussy, it is wonderful! Noone let me do that with Kylie and Kiersten....imagine that!

I will try not to let it go so long till I post next time, but if it does take a while, I will refer back to paragraph one of this blog........ :), oh wait, I am not supposed to whine anymore about that....whoops!

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  1. With all that you do, you deserve a tall glass of WHINE.